​Education Session

Thursday June 10th, 2021
12:00pm - 1pm
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Susan Blum PT

Susan Blum PT has been practicing physical therapy since 1975 when she obtained her degree from the University of Vermont.

She is the owner of Susan Blum Pediatric Physical Therapy, a private practice specializing in treatment of children in their natural environments. Currently she provides pediatric consultative PT services in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Her practice includes patients with a wide variety of pediatric issues including cerebral palsy, orthopedic issues, gait asymmetries, torticollis, developmental delays and other neuro‐motor disorders.

Early in her 45 year career, Susan had extensive experience treating adults with neurological, orthopedic and women’s health disorders using a variety treatment techniques which she has incorporated in her approach with children. The results have yielded accelerated progress and empowered families who are better able to manage the care of their loved ones.

In 2007 Susan discovered the adult TMR program which she then adapted for her early intervention clients. After witnessing dramatic improvement in the functional outcomes of her patients, her peers requested training and so she developed the TMR Tots treatment protocol. Over the past 10 years Susan has conducted training classes world-wide in both online and in person formats. Several thousand therapists and caregivers have benefited from implementing the Tots concept to help their patients accessing mobility and achieve outcomes which were beyond any previous expectations

Susan enjoys the opportunity to help therapists master the TMR concepts with 1:1 coaching by phone and email.

Susan employs traditional pediatric strategies. By utilizing the step by step TMR approach, she has been able to create more effective care plans. She is a self described continuing education addict always striving to review the most current literature and studies to incorporate evidence based concepts into her teaching

Thanks to the relief of her own chronic pain issues obtained with TMR, Susan and her husband Jeff are again able to fully enjoy the outdoor activities that they love including hiking and camping with their dog.

The TMR program has radically changed Susan's life and practice in many ways. Her goal and passion is to share the “gift” of TMR with colleagues, patients, their families and caregivers so that they too may experience the joys and benefits of this most, wonderful program. Susan enjoys the opportunity to help therapists master the TMR concepts with 1:1 coaching by phone and email.

What is TMR Tots?

TMR Tots is a treatment concept for kids of all ages. Tots utilizes a 10 step protocol to help the therapist develop a targeted care plan based on the child’s strengths. Utilizing the ICF model with the patient and family in the center, the therapist systematically assesses limitations in body structure & function to first improve mobility as the prep work for targeted participation and activities that the child enjoys in their daily routines.

Tots does not replace any traditional approaches, but enhances what the therapist is already doing to. achieve even better functional outcomes faster than ever! 
The prep work for therapy is improvement of range of motion is achieved by a pain free modified counterstrain method. This simultaneously improves mobility and helps to build on motor learning. In Tots the emphasis is not on what they child cannot yet do, but what they child CAN do. A key component is caregiver empowerment to understand the child’s challenges and strengths while learning to incorporate therapeutic positions and activities into their own unique daily routine. The system is applicable to all diagnoses from torticollis, hypotonia, Down. Syndrome, & Cerebral Palsy.

We look forward to an introduction to this innovative treatment concept which has raised the ceiling of expectations for thousands of children world wide.