Research Grant

Congratulations to Stephanie So PT who was awarded the 2015 OT/PT Paediatric Network Research Grant of $500 to cover her research on the motor proficiency of school age children. 
The Research grant money will cover the cost of outcome measures.

Reason/purpose for the funds:The funds will be used for the research project entitled: “Motor Proficiency and Self-Efficacy towards Physical Activity in Children with Intestinal Failure” which is being conducted at SickKids. 

Rationale for Research: The survival rate of infants with intestinal failure has improved; however these children continue to require close follow-up and support. Research in early neurodevelopmental outcomes in these children reveals significant delays in gross motor skill development. It is hypothesized that children with IF will continue to display some deficits in motor proficiency during childhood and that there is likely a positive relationship between delays in motor skills and decreased self-efficacy for physical activity. Findings from this study may provide novel data regarding factors that may influence motor skill development in children with intestinal failure. The identification of at-risk groups within this population will guide appropriate rehabilitation assessment, intervention and resource allocation. It will also allow the provision of more accurate knowledge to caregivers and families regarding typical motor developmental expectations and physical activity and fitness recommendations.